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Top 10 Wild Animals of India

Please see below for a special cost which incorporates both tours. We are professional photographers with great experience in the field as well as in guiding and photographic instruction.

Please download our terms and conditions here. Kamleshwar Dam provides a large water body for marsh crocodiles, reptiles and birds.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

The reserve forests are spread across So what you still waiting for. It is important on our part to understand and respect the balance of nature and interact responsibly with these ecologically sensitive areas.

Capture the Jungle King in your camera while it catches its prey. Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Kerala is marked as the most protected area for the elephants and the tigers. This is one of those wildlife sanctuaries in India that possesses both historical and geographical significance.

These aim at securing the ecosystem by stopping irresponsible interference of humans with the ecosystem and also to conserve the endemic and endangered species. Located in the state of Tamil Nadu the protected area is home to more than a thousand species of birds along with several monkeys.

Other wildlife await us too, langur, macaque, dhole, gaur, water buffalo, as well as sambur and spotted deer and nilgai antelope.

Gir forest in India has the only surviving population of Asiatic lions in the world. It was declared as a tiger reserve under Project Tiger in Indian wild dog is a highly social animals and hunt medium and large sized ungulates. Around 37 different types of dragon fly have been found there.

Kaziranga in Assam, India is home to two-thirds of the one-horned rhinoceros population. The ungulate inhabits the high open montane grassland habitat of the Western Ghats.

As in any natural environment, the wildlife comes first, we come second. India is home to several well-known large mammals, including the Asian elephantBengal tigerAsiatic lionleopardsloth bear and Indian rhinoceros. Black Panther is the black color variant of Indian Leopard, mostly found in the Western Ghats region.

Karan is a guide with over twenty years experience of Indian parks and its wildlife. The spectacular riverine belts, hills leading into the Himalayas, marshlands and grasslands enthral the visitors.

The most excellent time to visit this place is during the months of December to March. The lodge offers stunning views of the Denwa River, grasslands and rolling Pachmari hills.

Wildlife Conservation Efforts in India

The park is known for a variety of animals and birds including tiger, leopard, sloth bear, crocodiles and over species of birds. The wildlife jeep safari at the sanctuary offers splendid opportunities to spot various animal and bird species in their natural habitat.

Sambar is the most commonly found deer species in Indian forest and favorite prey of tigers and lions. Total number of wildlife Sanctuaries Sanctuary in India is Extending over sq km of vast green milieu and encompassing certain important historical monuments, dating back to 10 century, within the vicinity of the park this wildlife sanctuary is definitely eye candy to nature and wildlife enthusiasts.

India Wildlife Parks

Different species of birds that one can find over here is truly fascinating. To a great extent, the wildlife depends on the flora or the vegetation in the region. A major attraction for tourists from all corners of the globe the wildlife sanctuaries in India are apt places for the ornithologists, wildlife photographers, researchers and simply the animal and plant lovers.

It is home to about 62 different kinds of mammals, kinds of birds, 45 species of reptiles, types of butterflies etc. The wildlife in this part of the country is unique and diverse. Located on the Burma border, the sanctuary is covered with a lush green canopy of forests and is home to several endangered species of animals, reptiles and birds.

Clouded Leopard Clouded Leopard is a medium size wild cat species, found mostly in the Himalayan foothills of north east Indian states.

This trip has been designed so that we can see and photograph as many species of Indian wildlife that is possible in just over two weeks, and in Kaziranga, Satpura and Bandhavgarh we can achieve just that.

The park is famous for housing several species of flora and fauna due to its diverse terrain along with marine fossil deposits. Ina national ban on tiger hunting was imposed, and in the Wildlife Protection Act came into force. Tiger reserves are the best places to catch a glimpse of this big cat.

Some species of birds have gone extinct in recent times, including the pink-headed duck Rhodonessa caryophyllacea and the Himalayan quail Ophrysia superciliosa.

The Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Tamil Nadu and is home to several endangered animal species and is surrounded by several peaks and rivers.

There are about taxa of flowering plants from India. Occult practices drive illegal trapping and trade in owls during Diwali. Birds are poached for their bones, talons, skulls, feathers, meat and blood, which are then used in.

India Wildlife Parks. The Indian sub-continent boasts of an array of wildlife parks that inhabit numerous wildlife species. The amazing diversity of the country and the wildlife.

Planning a wildlife safari to India, Africa, Canada, Alaska or Brazil? Our bespoke safaris and wildlife tours get you closer to the action at a price you can afford. The wildlife of India comprises a fascinating ragtag group, a veritable melting pot of animals from Europe, Asia and ancient Gondwanaland all swirled together in a bewildering mix of habitats, ranging from lush mangrove swamps to desolate sand deserts and icy alpine meadows.

India has some of the most biodiverse regions of the world and contains four of the world’s 36 biodiversity hotspots – the Western Ghats, the Eastern Himalayas, Indo-Burma and Sunda Land.

Wildlife management is essential to preserve the rare and endangered endemic species. India is one of the seventeen megadiverse countries. India is home to some of the unique flora and fauna species which make wildlife sanctuaries in India a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers.

India boasts a rich biodiversity, as the geography of the country is dotted with thick forests, serving as the habitat of a huge number of wildlife species.

Wildlife of India Wildlife of india
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Wildlife Conservation Efforts in India